Integral Women's Health and Yoga with Sofia Araujo

£75 (15% discount for VIYs)

Looking into learning more about your female body?
Want to adapt your yoga practice to support your natural cycle?
Are you curious about the new paradigm of feminine leadership?

This inspiring and integrative workshop is a combination of energetic practices and philosophical explorations for all women, to embody their own rhythm, understand the inner landscapes of emotion and thought, as well as the cultivation of awareness, vital energy and self-care as the main ingredients for integral health.

The practices draw their inspiration from the traditions of Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoism, Tantra and Shamanism and aim to reconnect you to your innate wisdom as a woman.

Topics covered:

  • Qualities and archetypes of the menstrual cycle
  • Understanding & Balancing PMS
  • 4 Stages of a Woman´s Life
  • 5 Elements Yoga to support our cycles and internal organs
  • Creativity & Sexuality
  • Hormonal & Emotional Balance through yoga practice
  • Sound, Mantra and Expression

Who is this Workshop for?
This course is for any woman, independent of which phase of life you’re at. The principles are simple to understand and you’ll receive guidance on how to apply it in your daily living.

As a woman and yogini, these teachings are pivotal for you to architect change from within your body and to be inspired in creating a space amongst your family, friends and community where the feminine is cherished, respected and encouraged to blossom.

If you are a yoga teacher this is a fundamental workshop so you can transmit these principles to your yoga students and create a community of women embodied in their femininity by the way they move, express and practice self-care.

What does this class include?
The day will include 2 yoga sessions; one soft Hatha Flow in the morning and one Yin in the afternoon. The classes are designed to promote health of the major organs associated with hormonal regulation (kidneys, liver and spleen).

In between the Asana and Meditation practices we will cover the subjects listed. Informative content will be delivered in a lecture format, and the more conceptual, like creativity/sexuality/archetypes, will be explored in a sharing circle style.

*We will have a one-hour lunch break at 12.30 – please note lunch is not included*

About the Teacher: Sofia Araujo
Sofia is a yoga teacher, therapist, chef and writer that shares an enthusiastic passion for holistic health and movement education.

She is trained in the alchemy of the 5 Elements through Yoga, Ayurveda, Macrobiotic Nutrition and Counselling, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and Chi Nei Tsang (Visceral Massage) with over 1500 hours of certified yoga studies.

Her ability to listen people through their movements, breath rhythms and nature cycles is what makes her a skilful yoga therapist, teacher and holistic health counsellor. She offers a view on the human experience that is rich in mindful movement and committed in living in awareness with the principles of Nature.

She is the director of international Swara Yoga School and travels extensively, educating people from all backgrounds and nationalities. She has also developed the social entrepreneurial aspect to her business and sponsors several yoga and meditation projects to unprivileged communities in countries like Indonesia, India, Belize, Guinea-Bissau and Nepal.

In the last few years she started focusing on developing yoga curriculums and programs for women where she shares her knowledge and experience of 18 years as a yoga student and teacher of teachers. Curating transformative spaces and facilitating the process of
recognizing Spirit through the harmony of body and mind sums up what she´s passionate about!

Meditation with Libby

Last Friday of every Month 7.45 – 9pm – Normal Class Rate

Unwind, de-stress and awaken in our monthly Meditation Workshop with Libby as she takes you on an exquisitely quiet and contemplative journey of grounding, pranayama breath-work, guided meditation and relaxation, and on special occasions, Gong sound healing.

These workshop sessions are designed to provide you with an understanding of how to bring a meditation practise into your everyday life which is sustainable and with regular practise can be life changing.

All welcome. No experience necessary.

Gong Meditation with Sangeeta

MAY – Optimise the Positive Force: Sunday 31st May, 7 – 8.30pm – £20


A restorative immerse in Ancient Technologies of Yoga & Sound together with Powerful Plant Medicine to elevate, energise, heal and organise yourself on every level. We synchronise with the cosmic energies during a full moon to amplify the experience.

Expect to:  

  • OPEN the body’s pranic channels using Organic Raw Cacao and Pranayama
  • CIRCULATE the life force through movement and dance
  • ACCELERATE the healing force with the frequencies of the Gong
  • AMPLIFY the entire experience with a powerful Meditation

The Gong clears blockages, restores the free flow of vital energy throughout the body and is known as one of the most profound and effective sound healing instruments in the world. It vibrates our body systems back into a state of harmony, revitalising our nervous system, glandular, digestive, circulatory systems and more. The Gong facilitates the clearing of the subconscious mind and magnetic field, to release old patterns, memories and trauma. With its ability to induce a spontaneous meditative state, the gong creates the space for the listener to expand one’s awareness and higher consciousness.

As the gong reflects the intensity of the cosmos, it is NOT RECOMMENDED DURING PREGNANCY. You are more than welcome to join us again after the birth!

Please wear cosy, comfortable layers and plan to have a little time afterwards to transition and integrate. Bring a water bottle and small pillow. The studio offers yoga mats, blankets, and eye pillows, as well as bolsters for your comfort.

All levels welcome – no experience necessary.

COVID 19 – Studio Closure

Sadly our studio is closed for the time being.
We have had to act responsibly and respectfully given the very surreal situation we find ourselves in; to not only protect our students but also the other, more vulnerable members of our families, friendship groups and the wider community.
Please rest assured that all Memberships will be temporarily suspended, and those with Class Passes and Pre-Paid Annual Memberships will have their expiry dates extended.
We are looking forward to getting through this and coming out the other side with even bigger hearts, more energy, vigor, health and determination than before!
Stay happy, healthy and positive and we look forward to seeing you back at Elements once this storm has passed.