A very warm welcome to Elements Yoga Studio, an exciting new space in Fleet offering everything yoga.

Our ethos is simple...

We are here to share the beauty and transformative power of yoga with our community in a tranquil, friendly and fully immersive environment.

We are passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender and ability and our range of classes reflect this. Whether you are a fully-fledged yogi or a complete novice we have a class for you. 

Leave the outside world behind and immerse yourself into a sanctuary of peace and calm in our bespoke studio where you will awaken, move, breathe and connect in an inspiring, nurturing and uplifting setting.

Our teachers are caring, approachable and experienced yogis with a passion for authentic yoga and a commitment to deliver an enjoyable and positive class experience, putting you at ease and enabling you to focus on and deepen your practise each and every time you visit.

Our pricing also reflects our ethos – it is affordable, simple and clear.

Please explore our site for more information – take a look at the class descriptions and get an understanding of what class or classes will best suit you.

We look forward to warmly welcoming you at Elements Yoga Studio! We guarantee you will leave restored, revitalised and ready for what life has in store for you.

Featured Classes

Hatha Glow

Anybody at any level. For those wanting to try yoga for the very first time as well as seasoned yogis, this class accommodates everyone.

Gentle Hatha

This class is ideal if you are very new to yoga, dealing with injury, physical or mental health conditions or reduced mobility.

Awake and Ignite

For those that love their yoga practise to feel like a workout! Suited to those with a good level of fitness who like a strong and challenging class.

Vinyasa Flow

Beginners with a good level of general fitness, as well as intermediate and experienced yogi’s that enjoy a flowing sequenced class.

Yin Ground & Restore

This class serves anybody at any level. It’s an ideal complement for those that practise stronger ‘yang’ style yoga and engage in high-impact sports.


Classes are suitable for anyone at any level. They are ideal for those that are spiritually inquisitive and like a blend of spiritual and physical elements.

Guided Ashtanga

For those that like a dynamic, structured sequence that stretches, strengthens and detoxifies body and mind.


For those that want to tone, sculpt and lift! This is a low impact, high energy class that is suitable for everybody.

Expectant Mums

This class is suitable for expectant mums in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters. You don’t need to have practised yoga before.