Courses and Workshops


Hatha Glow

Who is this for?
Anybody at any level. For those wanting to try yoga for the very first time as well as seasoned yogis, this class accommodates everyone. Beginners are provided with the correct guidance and gentle encouragement to work with and find themselves in each posture (asana) and those more experienced are challenged with modifications.

What does this class include?
A bit of everything! This class is challenging yet restoring, energising yet calming, engaging yet meditative. A true blend of Yin and Yang, we balance and unite these two opposing energies, creating equilibrium and harmony in the body, mind and spirit.

Classes start with guided relaxation, breath work (pranayama) and gentle limbering stretches, followed by a series of postures (asanas) that will lengthen, strengthen and challenge the entire body to your own ability, followed by a heavenly guided relaxation and meditation (savasana) to melt into at the end.

Awake and Ignite

Who is this for?
For those that love their yoga practise to feel like a workout! Suited to those with a good level of fitness who like a strong and challenging class.

What does this class include?
This is an energising class that incorporates dynamic postures (asanas) and transitions between sequences that are fun, fluid and challenging. Strengthen, lengthen, stretch and flex and ignite the fire within! Class ends with a relaxation (savasana) to allow for restful repose to enable the body and mind to absorb all the positive energy you created in your postures (asanas).

Vinyasa Flow

Who is this for?
Beginners with a good level of general fitness, as well as intermediate and experienced yogi’s that enjoy a flowing sequenced class.

What does this class include?
Body, mind and spirit are weaved together through a progressive flow of active and standing postures that are synchronised and aided with the breath. You’ll move fluidly and lightly through a thoughtful and challenging sequence and finish with a soothing relaxation and well deserved relaxation (savasana).

Yin Ground & Restore

Who is this for?
This class serves anybody at any level. It’s a perfect complement for those that practise stronger ‘yang’ style yoga and engage in high-impact sports as well as complete beginners. It’s an ideal class for those needing to unwind and de-stress.

What does this class include?
This is a nurturing, restorative, slow and mindful class where we hold postures for longer periods of time to enable a deep, therapeutic stretch of our connective tissues and ligaments. Using props such as bolsters, blocks and straps we feel supported and able to encourage space, opening and deep healing in both body and mind.

Slow Flow

Who is this for?
Ideal for those wanting to improve strength and flexibility, increase energy levels and balance the nervous system in a class that’s less vigorous and challenging than Vinyasa Flow but has more flow than Hatha.

What does this class include?
This is a calmer, more meditative form of a Vinyasa Flow class with slower paced sequences where you can find space and breath between asanas (postures).  You will cultivate conscious movement in gentle, rhythmical and energising sequences that focus on the breath, standing postures and sun salutations.

Guided Ashtanga

Who is this for?
For those that like a dynamic, structured sequence that stretches, strengthens and detoxifies body and mind. It is suitable for everyone, but especially for those that enjoy a strong practise and for those who like to take on a challenge!

What does this class include?
Ashtanga Yoga is a style of yoga handed down and popularised by K. Pattabhi Jois. It is often promoted as a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga. Ashtanga Yoga is based on set sequences of poses which are synchronized with the ‘Ujjayi’ breath (‘Victorious Breath’) which produces an internal heat that purifies the body, increases stamina and core strength and improves mental capacity and concentration.

Kundalini Yoga

Who is this for?
For those who want to reduce stress, clear your mind, get physically and mentally strong – Kundalini Yoga practice will make you feel better, quickly.

What does this class include?
Using Mantra (sound), Pranayam (breath), Kriya (physical postures and movements), and Meditation, Kundalini Yoga balances the endocrine system and strengthens the nervous system allowing you the opportunity to experience your optimal self.

ABSolute Core

Who is this for?
This class is for anyone looking to increase and develop core/spinal strength and improve balance and flexibility.  Suitable for all, you will learn how to control your spine, move with awareness, and reduce the risk of developing back pain.

What does this class include?
The class will focus on spinal health in a fun engaging way, educating you how to look after your back, not only in class, but in everyday life. 

Starting with an initial relaxation, you will then be guided through a series of yoga postures and exercises that target the core (abdominals and spine) to develop abdominal muscle control, strengthen the back and improve posture. 

Beginners Yoga

Who is this for?
For those with little or no experience in Yoga or students already practising who prefer a slower-paced class. Improve your posture, flexibility and mobility, build muscle strength and tone, develop core awareness and relieve stress in a safe, comfortable and friendly environment.

What does this class include?
Classes will run at a nice and slow pace with lots of information and cues around asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath-work). They will begin with guided relaxation and pranayama, followed by gentle limbering stretches and a series of basic asanas that you can work to at your own pace. Then slip into a calming guided relaxation to finish!


Who is this for?
NIA is a fusion dance-fitness experience that combines elements from modern dance, martial arts,
yoga and mindfulness to provide a non-impact, highly engaging and liberating workout. It is a
beautiful practice that is suitable for anyone at any level.

What does this class include?
Nia brings together mind, body and soul in order to allow for authentic self-expression through
movement set to stunning world music. As Nia is a holistic fitness practice, it positively impacts:
Body – by improving tone, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, cardiovascular health and helps with bone strength
Mind – helps to release brain fog and the release of stress hormones, improves focus and offers short-term euphoria through endorphin production
Soul – helps create a sense of community and improves confidence and whole body well being

It will leave you feeling energised in body, relaxed in mind and revitalised in spirit.

COVID 19 – Studio Reopening

We are so happy and excited to be reopening our doors on Monday 10th August!

The health, safety, wellbeing and comfort of our students is of absolute importance to us and we have made some changes and put the appropriate measures in place to ensure this. 

Please refer to the Covid-19 info page to familiarise yourselves with the changes and requirements before visiting the studio.

We can’t wait to see you again!